• 17 Jun

    Memories of Rufus

    Every year, around Father’s Day, my garden bursts with a kaleidoscope of flowering daylilies Some are solid; some are variegated Some have ruffled fans, green throats, patterned dips, soft violet eyes—terminology my father used when describing them…

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  • 5 Jun

    RFK’s Call for Peace

    In a chapter entitled “Dark Days: 1968,” my father describes the tumultuous events of 1968 The year which would be one of the deadliest of the Vietnam war began with the bloody Tet Offensive in January On…

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  • 26 May

    In Memory of Major General William J. Crumm

    My father hung this framed photograph of General Crumm and him in his office, displayed alongside the portraits of presidents and other dignitaries It had been taken just months before General Crumm was killed in the Vietnam…

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