Month: October 2018

  • 22 Oct

    The Cuban Missile Crisis: An Agent’s Perspective

    I was just fifteen-months-old at the time, but my older siblings vividly remember President Kennedy’s televised announcement on the Cuban Missile Crisis on October 22, 1962 As did many Americans, my mother rushed out to purchase supplies…

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  • 10 Oct

    Win Lawson: Of Eisenhower and Crows

    The following is written by my friend Merlin Lawson, brother of former USSS Agent Win Lawson He reflects on one of Win’s favorite “agent anecdotes” 


    My brother, Winston “Win” George Lawson, a native of western New York and…

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  • 8 Oct

    Libraries et al.

    One of my friends jokingly accused me of dropping off of the radar Indeed, I have had a weak online presence recently


    Beyond the activities I have previously posted – participation in book clubs and other organizations -…

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