Month: January 2019

  • 25 Jan

    Rest at the LBJ Ranch

    “Rufus, I feel like sleeping with my head on my own pillow tonight Tell ’em up front that we’re going to the ranch” (LBJ to Agent Youngblood)

    It was not uncommon for President Lyndon B Johnson to change his…

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  • 13 Jan

    Wayne Youngblood

    On this day in 1924, Rufus W Youngblood, Jr, was born His biography is detailed on this website (“About the Author”) and is available from many other sources (Life magazine, the NYT, Washington Post, AJC, Macon Telegraph,…

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  • 9 Jan

    Nixon and My Father’s Full Circle

    Today is former President Richard Milhous Nixon’s birthday He was born on January 9, 1913 Thinking about Nixon brought to mind a comment a friend made to me He said that until reading my father’s book, he had forgotten…

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