President Lyndon B. Johnson

  • 25 Jan

    Rest at the LBJ Ranch

    “Rufus, I feel like sleeping with my head on my own pillow tonight Tell ’em up front that we’re going to the ranch” (LBJ to Agent Youngblood)

    It was not uncommon for President Lyndon B Johnson to change his…

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  • 27 Aug

    Happy Birthday, LBJ

    LBJ sent my mother this birthday card when he was the vice president, inscribed with his bold, recognizable signature He also sent a congratulatory letter to her after my birth in which he wrote, “Thank heaven for…

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  • 23 Jun

    The Hope of Glassboro

    On June 23, 1967, fifty-one years ago today, my father was among the agents who protected President Lyndon Johnson at the Glassboro Summit– bearing witness to yet another notable historical event

    Shortly after the Six-Day War in the Middle…

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