Month: November 2018

  • 22 Nov

    In Memory of JFK

    I never had the honor of meeting President Kennedy By the time I was born, my father had been transferred from the White House Detail (presidential protection) to the vice presidential protective detail Although, intermittently, he still…

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  • 11 Nov

    Happy Veteran’s Day

    Harry S Truman in WWI doughboy uniform, ca 1918, Truman Library

    My nephew was unaware that Veteran’s Day was originally called Armistice Day—in reference to the day fighting stopped in World War I,  “The Great War” This ceasefire…

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  • 4 Nov

    Midterm Elections – Then and Now 

    When I discuss my father’s story, I try to add relatable material for the audience Often I procure a historical photograph featuring one of the five presidents in the town in which I am speaking Since my father…

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