Month: June 2018

  • 23 Jun

    The Hope of Glassboro

    On June 23, 1967, fifty-one years ago today, my father was among the agents who protected President Lyndon Johnson at the Glassboro Summit– bearing witness to yet another notable historical event



    Shortly after the Six-Day War in…

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  • 17 Jun

    USSS Article: Special Agent Dad

    Check out the following article which was written by the USSS Communications Office for Father’s Day:

    Press release from US Secret Service


  • 17 Jun

    Memories of Rufus

    Every year, around Father’s Day, my garden bursts with a kaleidoscope of flowering daylilies Some are solid; some are variegated Some have ruffled fans, green throats, patterned dips, soft violet eyes—terminology my father used when describing them…

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