• 13 Jan

    Wayne Youngblood

    On this day in 1924, Rufus W Youngblood, Jr, was born His biography is detailed on this website (“About the Author”) and is available from many other sources (Life magazine, the NYT, Washington Post, AJC,…
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  • 9 Jan

    Nixon and My Father’s Full Circle

    Today is former President Richard Milhous Nixon’s birthday He was born on January 9, 1913 Thinking about Nixon brought to mind a comment a friend made to me He…
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  • 26 Dec

    Truman – “Truly Great”

    On this day, December 26, 1972, eighty-eight-year-old, former President Harry S Truman died Less than a month later, during President Richard M Nixon’s second inauguration, the Capitol flags remained at half‐staff in Truman’s memory But there was…

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