• 22 Dec

    Our Joy and Christmas 1968

    This photograph of my mother, sisters, and me, taken in December 1968 at the White House, brings back many memories My mother made matching dresses for my sister Candy and me to wear to the event I…

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  • 4 Dec

    The Exceptional Service Award and a Sticky Situation

    On this day, 55 years ago, on a chilly morning in the White House Rose Garden, US Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon presented my father with the Exceptional Service Award in the presence of President Johnson, Treasury and…

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  • 22 Nov

    In Memory of JFK


    It is difficult to believe that it has been fifty-five years since that fateful day in Dallas, Texas, when President John F Kennedy was assassinated On this Thanksgiving Day, I reflect on this great man


    I never had…

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  • 11 Nov

    Happy Veteran’s Day

    My nephew was unaware that Veteran’s Day was originally called Armistice Day—in reference to the day fighting stopped in World War I,  “The Great War” This ceasefire occurred at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the…

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  • 4 Nov

    Midterm Elections – Then and Now 

    When I discuss my father’s story, I try to add relatable material for the audience Often I procure a historical photograph featuring one of the five presidents in the town in which I am speaking Since my father…

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  • 22 Oct

    The Cuban Missile Crisis: An Agent’s Perspective

    I was just fifteen-months-old at the time, but my older siblings vividly remember President Kennedy’s televised announcement on the Cuban Missile Crisis on October 22, 1962 As did many Americans, my mother rushed out to purchase supplies…

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  • 10 Oct

    Win Lawson: Of Eisenhower and Crows

    The following is written by my friend Merlin Lawson, brother of former USSS Agent Win Lawson He reflects on one of Win’s favorite “agent anecdotes” 


    My brother, Winston “Win” George Lawson, a native of western New York and…

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